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#34: New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U


By the time New Super Mario Bros. U was announced, the "New" series was seeing some fatigue (seeing as New Super Mario Bros. 2 had come out that same year) and it wasn't exactly seen in the same light as the previous 2D Mario games like the original, 3, and World. For many users, me included, the New series played second fiddle to the all time classic Mario games of yore. So while I was still going to pick up the game, I wasn't exactly "TEH HYPED!" for it. But once I started playing, it was clear that U was their most ambitious and quality title since world. With gorgeous backdrops, and awesome world map (it's the small things that help), amazing level design, and fun new powerups. Combine that with the wonderfully hectic addition of New Super Luigi U and you have an incredible package that even rivals the best that Mario has to offer.