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#37: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest


Despite the awesome name (as it's a play on Diddy's Conquest... and some even mix it up for Diddy Kong's Quest), you actually don't play as Donkey Kong at all. In fact, you're trying to save him as Diddy Kong and the awesome newcomer Dixie Kong (Who's my favorite of the two. The helicopter hair was a lifesaver). The game ranks among Rare's greatest gaming achievments, which says a lot when you take a look at their development catalogue. Varied, ingrossing, and perfectly challenging level design, tight responsive controls, awesome music (AWESOME MUSIC), and bright, colorful graphics make the whole package a treat from beginning to end. Recently, my roommate and I spent hours together playing this game, and it was a joyous moment when we finally defeated King K. Rool and saved Donkey Kong. The game holds up magnificently, and that says a lot about the inherent quality of the game.