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Lawlight said:
binary solo said:

Hyperbole, thy name is Lawlight. This game isn't even close to being banned in the west. Indeed as far as I know there has been no negative media in the west about this game, so there isn't even any active opposition to the game being releeased from the peopel you like to demonise as ruining gaming. The only media there has been is the decision KT has taken not to release it allegedly because they are afraid their might be negative publicity from some people. That's given the game far more attention in western media than any official release and marketing campaign would.

It might as well have been banned. I know you're going to defend SJWs tooth and nail, for obvious reasons, but you're talking as if there's been no negative media on games with characters with big boobs and skimpy clothes. There's been plenty. Mortal Kombat? Street Fighter V? Dragon's Dogma? MGSV? Don't even start with this BS that SJW don't lash out at games and now we're seeing that they're even causing censorship. don't affect games.

Haha now you're using the c-word? What a joke. None of this comes close to a ban or censorship. This is tinhat conspiracy stuff of the most laughable sort. Is the west suddenly completely free of all gratuitous sexual content in its entertainment? You ascribe much more influence to us SJWs than actually exists. If there's profit in doing it, a company will do it, it's that simple. That's the beginning and end of it. I dunno maybe Japanese companies are genuinely scared of being criticised for sexual content in their games, because they want to cultivate a particular public image in the west. But I take a much more cynical, commercially hard-nosed view of this. And even if they want to cultivate a particular public image, it's not because of what SJWs are saying.

This is a purely commercial, profit driven decision, and a cynical move to manipulate people like you. IMO KT looked at the numbers and decided that officially releasing in the west was commercially marginal. The actual appetite for games like this is very low in the west so the cost of officially releasing in the western markets doesn't add up. It's far more profitable for the people in the west who really want this game to hunt it down and buy it from countries where it is officially released. The beauty of having a region-free platform is that you are a genuinely global marketplace and there is therefore no need to officially release a game in a market in order to get sales from that market. And if you can play on people's fears of censorship and banning you can get lots of free attention and people more determined to buy the game than they would be if the game was officially released.

Will DOAX3 sell more tin the west than it would have if the game was officially released? Probably not. Is the game going to over all be more profitable than it would be if it was being localised in the west? probably yes. Is any gamer in the west actually denied the ability to get the game, with at least an English language option available? No, if you want this game you will be able to buy it and legally import it. If the game was going to release in the west it would probably end up in the $20 bargain bin within a few months, and a lot of sales would come at a low price. This way, by not releasing the game in the west, every sale sin the west will be at a higher price.

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