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SpokenTruth said:
Lawlight said:
SpokenTruth said:
Lawlight said:

That is not the point, dude. I wouldn't play this game but that doesn't mean I want it basically banned in the West just because some people don't like what the game is about.

When are you going to realize I was never talking about the decision by TK to not release the game overseas?

Just because I'm mocking the content of the series has no relevance whatsoever to how I feel about TK's decision.  You just completely assumed that my mockery was some form of agreement and acceptence of TK's decision.  How you drew that conclusion is beyond me.

You came in here and asked "You guys actually want a volley ball game?". How you drew that conclusion is beyond me.

And your sole issue here is that people will pay $60 to look at what is free, so, you're not mocking the content itself. In any case, the bigger concern here escaped you.

Actually, it didn't.  Look at the western sales of the series and you tell me if it's worth the trouble of localizing when sales would be poor to start but must also now consider the social climate of the regions.

Their decision to not localize the game makes sense.  They'd likely lose money and have to deal with the negative press.  All that was pretty obvious.

But given the sales of the series, apparently most people agree with my assertion that free Google is better than $60 volley ball booby physics.

The game is already releasing in English so what localisation? And digital release won't cost them a thing so the only money they're losing here is from sales.