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#40: XenoBlade Chronicles


XenoBlade Chronicles was another game that I took a risk on getting. I've never been a traditional JRPG fan, so initially I was a little skeptical of the game. But the more I looked at the game, the more I realized that it wasn't your usual JRPG, and it offered some aspects that I really enjoyed in gaming (most notably the aspect of exploration, as the world of XBC was massive and ripe for discovery!). That combined with the issue of the game being a limited print in the states had me grabbing it day one. And boy, I sure am glad I picked this game up. Fantastic characters, an engaging story (even if it does go a bit overboard by the end), fun combat, an incredible soundtrack... but all of that pales in comparison to the absolutely incredible world that I had the privelidge to traverse. Even with the Wii's limited hardware, the world of Bionis and Mechonis was full of incredible sights and sounds. Even as open world games are becoming more and more popular, this game's world still remains one of my fondest out there. 11 days until X. Cannot wait.