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#41: Bayonetta 2


Bayonetta 2 brought me much enjoyment even before I got my hands on it. When the game was announced for the Wii U back in the day, it caused such controversy and meltdowns. Definitely a highlight (or lowlight) of the 8th generation. As for me, action games aren't usually my forte, and I didn't put too much thought into the reveal. But as the game came closer and closer, I realized that this was a great time to jump in. After all I was getting two games with some cool Nintendo extras. Why not? So I played the first game and had a incredible time, despite some minor frustrations (Insta-death QTE sections, Route 666, and some annoying characters). I was an instant fan after that though, and immediate put in Bayonetta 2. And what a rush it was! The first level could be the final level in most games, and the game never takes its foot off the pedal. Incredible set piece after set piece, jaw dropping boss fights (the Masked Lumen fights are amazing!), and an experience that is honed and refined to utmost perfection (Plus Bayonetta's hair is so much better in this one!). The game is a roller coaster ride from minute one, and my on-ride picture was all smiles. Consider me a huge fan from here on out!