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#45: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Action Adventure

In an odd twist of fate, the start of my love affair for Igavanias was an Igavania that wasn't an Igavania. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon actually wasn't directed by Koji Igarashi, despite his influence saturating the game from head to toe. But at the time when I was first playing, all I knew was that this game was amazing, and that I could barely see it on my original GameBoy Advance. A gothic horror world filled with a plethora of classic monsters and fiends, in where you travered a labyrinth of corridors. The tight action, challenging difficulty, intense boss battles, and secrets galore made the game impossible to put down. From from here on out, I considered myself a huge Castlevania fan. And I can say that I own every Igavania title. And it all started with this game.