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#47: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl


Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is usually ranked among the bottom of the mainline Pokemon barrel (I think Ruby/Sapphire takes that "crown".), and I can see why to a point. The overworld was much too mountainous, the legendaries at this point kinda jumped the shark in terms of design (I mean, just look at Dialga and Palkia), and the Pokemon class introduced isn't among the best out there (Rhyperior... why?). But Diamond/Pearl also introduced some fantastic additions to the Pokemon universe. First of all is Weavile, who is the best Pokemon ever. Secondly we have online battles, which got me into competitive Pokemon for the first time (Infernape, Tyranitar, Leafeon, Regice, Garchomp, and Alakazam was my first ever competitive team!), and they also made much improved gameplay changes (physical/special no longer being assigned by type was a huge move in the right direction). The game may not be the best that Pokemon has to offer, but it also is important to me in what it brought to the table.