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After what felt like an eternity, finally an opportunity to get back into the game! I guess it's probably fair to have a bit of a recap. We're just in this underground area called Fossil Roo, we need to get to another continent to stop Alexandria from taking over the world...I think? Something like that. All I know is that Freya and, more importantly, Steiner, aren't present and that's sad. 

I honestly can't remember why going to another continent will stop Alexandria but I guess we'll just roll with it. I do recall something about crystals but we'll find out soon enough.

Who thought it was a good idea, anyway, to stop inside a maze like area? The Gargants are still super creepy and the puzzles mundane, but it seems like a bad place to take a 2 month long break at least. A little bit of turning on the water, a bit of fighting (and boy those bat like skate enemies are incedibly frustrating) and we're out. And hey, there's no mist!

Other than the start of this dungeon, this place overall was pretty bland. I expected the puzzles and alternate paths to be slightly more interesting but I just got hordes of bats instead.

This continent definitely feels different in tone to that of the Mist Continent, as you'd expect. They still have a marsh here for catching frogs though I still have no idea how to do it. They always run away from Quina, it's not her fault she's heavy footed! Ah well. At least I managed to obtain one or two more blue magic spells for her so, not a wasted detour. 

I just run aroind and spam X, it works about 20% of the time but hey I got around 15 now. It hasn't really paid off yet but I'm sure it will...hopefully. On the topic of Blue Magic, apparently Remedy actually uses your items, whoops.

On the way around the continent I noticed a funny looking bridge. Upon closer inspection it looks almost like a tomb...full of, erm...Scottish dwarves. Alright, not one to judge but that was unexpected. There doesn't appear to be an actual awful lot to DO here, but let's look on the bright side. People aren't attacking Vivi for once! They might be asking him to cook or provide hints for whatever reason, but that's it. Also a bit of foreshadowing with the wedding perhaps? Look out, Garnet

I just stopped at the start of this town. Overall this continent is weird and really the only interesting thing that has happened so far is getting instantly killed by a cactus in the desert. The moogles are in the swamp too, but they didn't have much to say. They just told me to head over here to this town. I met with this character while catching frogs and they seemed to be familar with Quina, has Quina been here before? Is Quina.... hiding something from us? Ooooh, mysteries...

What's this? A black mage in the town?'s not attacking anyone and...well, that was unexpected. Guess it's worth checking out this forest they mentioned. Something is up with these black mages and it's about time we got a little bit more information on exactly what's going on. So popping back out of the Scottish Highlands for now and heading down towards the forest. A brief detour by the clown (don't ask me questions I can't remember!!!) and also a Ladybird or something of that ilk aside, a reasonably uneventful trip. 

And a reasonably uneventful update, for that's where I decided to stop for the day. Sure, it was only an hour, but it was good to get back into the flow of it. It's been too long on the backburner and, hopefully, we can bring it back to the fore with additional updates from here and really push forwards to the end!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.