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LMU Uncle Alfred said:
Metroid33slayer said:

I was on youtube watching video's of the worst crashes in motorsport and I think this has to be the worst. A track marshall ran across the track to put out a fire and was struck at 170 mph by an F1 car. The result was horrific mutilation which very few of us can stomach, yes i'm talking dead space violence but in real life. for some reason i think graphic video game and movie gore has made me immune to real life gore, either that or i must be a nutter.

Needless to say this is an 18 rated video for a reason, if you feel you are unable to watch a guy being rotated like a ragdoll and virtually sliced in half then i'd advise you not to watch.

Not to take away from the graphic nature of the video you showed, because it is bad, but this is nothing compared to some other videos online.  

Yeah but this is youtube so it has certain standards, to be honest i'm surprised that youtube allow it even if it is rated 18. What are these other video's you speak of?