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GribbleGrunger said:
UltimateGamer1982 said:

No problem. As for your $299 ps4 prediction, I doubt it as Sony was already bundling the last of us and destiny way before the price cut. 

It's an interesting theory but they don't need to go any further. Chances are they already have close to 450-500k sold for November with the Star Wars and cod bundle pre orders. 

Just think about it as flexible strategy. By adding a game and selling the console for $350 it is and has been assumed the price drop was $50. That assumption has prevailed and as far as I can see only I've considered the possibility that it's actually a $100 price drop + game. This leaves the door open for a second move if Sony so wish. IF the preception of a $50 price drop drives sales enough to meet the fiscal year target then there's no point in revealing the true price. If Sony feel they need an extra boost then they'll just release a bundle with a game for $300. We've already seen two retailers doing this. We may never find out whether I'm right because the PS4 is selling very well. There isn't one single statement from Sony saying they've dropped the price by $50.

Well for North America, they wrote on the official ps blog announcing the price cut as just in time for the holidays last month. I assume that's the only statement that needs to be said.