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If I had to rate the conference I´d give it a 6/10. Not because the games disappointed but because the conference itself was badly put together. Some parts were too long, some were unneccessary and the crowd was....I´d almost say rude(?). I mean is clapping your hands for somebody entering/leaving the stage really that hard?

Anyways my big takeaways from this Conference:
Detroit - 1bajilliontrilliongazillion/10!!!! (I so fucking love Kara)
Robinson The Journey - 10/10 (this seems fucking awesome. Jurrasic Park VR?!)
Uncharted 4 Multiplayer - 10/10 (Just bought NDC and loved UC1. That MP looked friggin hilarious)
Gravity Rush 2 - 9/10 (Do I need say more?)
Wild - 9/10 (It is a single player Game...Thank god!)
Matterfall - 9/10 (well....duh....Housemarque always delivers. But please get Alienation done....)
Gran Turismo Sport - 8/10 (I enjoyed GT but I suck at it...maybe this time I´ll git gud)
Street Fighter V - 7/10 (We more or less knew the date. However Dhalsim)
Driveclub Bikes - 7/10 (Was leaked)
Dreams - 7/10 (Still not so sure what to think)
Horizon - 7/10 (Same location, different strategy)

Hope I didn´t miss anything.

Yup...RO friggin rocked