Mandalore76 said:
Lawlight said:

So, no rip-offs then? Just references? I also think you need to look up the meaning of carbon copy. The Federation officer uniforms look like real world Navy uniforms exception grey.

The whole point of my comment stands true.  Aside from the character names and places, JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot resembles Star Wars far more than the source material he was supposed to be utilizing.  Abrams flat out admitted to being a lifelong Star Wars fan while never having seen an episode of Star Trek.  So, when a poster comments that the Force Awakens doesn't look any different to him than the Star Trek reboot.  It's clearly because while directing the Star Trek reboot, Abrams repeatedly went to the Star Wars well.  There is a reason why people refer to the Star Trek reboot as Abrams' audition for filming Star Wars.  But, thanks for having me explain it again.

Well, point made. It still looks the Star Trek movies though with the disadvantage of not being able to do good fights.