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twintail said:
I dont think there is going to be much news coming out of anyone except Sony tbqh. its not like these publishers have never been to PGW before and yet we never have gotten anything in previous years. Its just a 2nd Gamescom to show off things rather than talk about new things

That said, as for Sony: I think QD's new game alongside a showing for WiLD makes a lot of sense (french devs). I also think its possible that Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey will show up with first footage. Maybe even announced as a PS4/ PC only game.

I look forward to seeing more on Dreams. They need to show off playable sections because contrary to what other ppl have said on this site, I still have no idea how you actually play this game since they have shown off zero gameplay. So that will be cool.

I think we will also get a termin for PSnow and the price drop