MTZehvor said:
chocoloco said:
Chockers gonna choke!

Damn, the Broncos might actually have an easy divisional championship like the Patriots and Packers always get.

Speaking of which...the AFC East might genuinely be the best division in football this year. It's got New England, and it's the only division with three winning teams (in this season where only three divisions have multiple teams with winning records)...and then there's the Dolphins ruining things...

Admittedly both the Bills and Jets have looked pretty bad at times, but it's hard to find a division in football where the second best team hasn't looked bad quite frequently (that's the Steelers, Jaguars, Chargers, Cowboys, Vikings, Panthers, and Rams for those interested).

AFC East teams last playoff appearance..,

New York Jets have not been in the playoffs for four years.

The Miami Dolphins have not been in the playoffs for six years.

The Toronto Bills have not been to the playoffs for a league leading 15 years.