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--- there was a tread like this.. i will update since my last add in there....

May -Mario Kart 8
June - Pushmo World
July - Wii U Sports
August - Armillo
September - Hyrule Warriors
October - Bayonetta 1 and 2
November - Super Smash
December - Lone Survivor
January - Captan Toad
February - Art of Balance
March - Mario Party 10, Mario vs Kong Tipping Stars
April - nothing that i can think Of.....
May - Kirby And The Rainbow Curse and Splatoon
June - Yoshi Wolly's World and Batman Arkham
July - Legend of Kay and WatchDog
August - Scribblenaut
September - Super Mario Maker (normal and limited)
October - Fatal Frame and ShovelKnight Retail (pre-ordered)
November - Mario Tennis Ultra Samsh, StarFox and Rodea Teh Sky Soldier (all pre-ordered)
December - Xenoblade X (pre-ordered)