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Note: The below is merely Leadified's Opinion on the events of the day. I'll update with mine when I get home. Also apologies for the formatting!


So after leaving Pinnacle Rocks the first order of business is to head back to Lindblum. However it seems that we are far too late, Alexandria has declared war. Unfortunately it doesn't

seem like Lindblum stands much of a chance, the siege only lasted the night and now the city is under total occupation.

However this won't stop our heroes, nor our favourite oglop Cid. It seems that Kuja guy is the reason why Queen Brahne is so powerful so taking him out will severely weaken

Alexandria, simple right? Before we head off on our new quest it's about time I pick up some new weapons. With this current party I have most of my abilities finished so I can use

these straight away and it's really nice to see Garnet hit some decent numbers for once. Along the way I encountered a peculiar couple, an Alexandrian soldier and a resistance

member, I have a feeling that we'll be seeing them again sometime.

So Fossil Roo is where exactly, north? Oh well doesn't hurt to look around a bit in the meantime. Remember those dragons near the Grotto from before? Yeah still way too strong,

luckily they attacked Vivi which absorbs their attacks (4300 or so, crazy), Cleyra is totally gone, encountered the clown again and that's about it really. North and South gate are still

closed it seems.

Going back to the marsh and Quina! S/he's okay! Excellent, let's catch some frogs in celebration. Speaking of which I got a gold frog now not too sure what that's all about. Fossil Roo is

just around and it starts off pretty intense with some kind of weird mechanical boss thing which we're no match for. After that, hey it's that bounty hunter from before! All fluff really

she was no big deal, no thunder queen that's for sure. Moogle is right around in the next room and Stiltzkin too! How nice. 

Well that's all for now, I'd like to give my thoughts on the game thus far but it's rather late right now and I will be away for the weekend. Sorry for the delay outlaw but I'll get back to

you when I get home!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.