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After a brief hiatus, we rejoin back in Cleyra Settlement. No visitors for hundreds of years and yet they have a tour guide, when there's loads of injured refugees. Makes sense, logical use of resources. Cleyra itself is nice, but hard to get around. A quick visit to the weapons shop which isn't a shop reveals there's much scope for growth which is always a good sign. Lots of good new stuff, again not sure why they have some of it given no visitors but still, best not to question things to this level.

A few ATE's later (poor Vivi!) and we are heading to the elder at the top. Yes, I have a great feeling about this. Maybe not, seems I need to go to the Inn after all. Too hasty, Coney! Or maybe not. Some kid wants me to fight an Antlion, it seems. I'm never one to say no to a battle! Even if it is kinda scary...oh my, he hits hard. One Sandstorm and there were no double figure healths anywhere in sight. Thank goodness for Reis' Wind and Auto-Potion, I say! One tricky little enemy there but, a good battle. 

Yeah the ATEs were harsh on Vivi (like usual, I feel it's starting to get a bit overblown now) and Quina found some mushrooms in his neverending quest for food. Met up with Quina who dived straight into the pit near the beginning of town, which brought me back down in the Trunk. Got a few items for that and ran back to Cleyra, didn't want to stick around without my party for too long. Not sure how well that turned out especially since later he praised the taste of the town's sand.  I definitely prefer Half -Life's antlions, this one was just horrendous. Luckily Slow and Silence did the trick so it wasn't too bad other than a sandstorm which almost wiped the party.

Oh hey look it's Puck. Erm...who is he again? Should probably know who he is but, ah well. I like the confidence they have in this sandstorm. I ain't such a big fan of Freya's dancing. I'll admit she's got moves but it feels very out of place for her character. Maybe that's just me? Not the strings! Yes they should have had less confidence. I knew it. Nothing ever goes to plan in a JRPG, after all. 

Don't you know Puck? From the very beginning? I know it was back a couple of months ago but come on, it's Puck! Anyways Puck is great, glad to see him again although a bit strange that he's a prince, definitely doesn't act royal that's for sure. The dance was... underwhelming to say the least, that entire scene was pretty odd. The harpist was also suprisingly cool about what was going on too.

Back to the other party. Good luck to you Steiner! And Garnet remains as naive as ever, I see. Though she's catching on. A tall mysterious man who appears and then things change? Well, I'm chalking that up to coincidence. One of these days in one of these games there will just be a coincidence. Perhaps, now this is the time. Yes, that's it. Just coincidence. And hang on Garnet is only 16? Oh...Oh dear. 

Ugh, Kuju or whatever his name is just gives me the creeps. I don't like him. But more mysteries! What's this about Odin I hear though, immortality? Why are these jesters everywhere, if you could call them jesters. All in all there are a lot more questions than answers now.

We finally get a chance to play as Freya! She's the best. Oh look it's Stilzskin again, more daylight robbery it is! I hope they don't seriously expect us to run back down the tree...hopefully the enemies are gone. Seems they have been replaced by soldiers, could this be a trap? It sure feels like one.

Yep, definitely a trap. Fortunately with all my super good new equipment from the solider there are no problems with these enemies. And, maybe by luck but I managed to save everyone too! I'd like to call it "skill", but feel free to call it what you wish. Finally, someone who is actually semi-decent has shown up to help out. I was wondering where these "elite forces" were, was beginning to think they'd all changed career into tour guides.

I forgot all about Slitzkin (Slitzkin for Puck seems like a fair trade), but he had a pretty decent deal on him it seems. The next section wasn't too bad even though Freya has totally fallen behind the others because someone thought it was a fantastic idea to shut down the market and have the guy who sells weapons run around like a headless chicken. Alexandria needs to reconsider the wardrobe for their army, I really can't see them getting any further than the beach in that gear. I suppose Cleyra isn't much better, they just... stood there.

No surprise to see this was the mysterious "Sir Fratley", really. Plot twist! Everyone lives happily ever after. Or maybe not, amnesia is a bitch eh? To be honest, it's really the first time I've felt anything for Freya. She seems to hide behind a tough exterior but is frail underneath...we all know that too well.

Another mystery! Definitely going to be seeing more of Sir Fratley and hopefully find out why he's forgotten everything.

Free stuff and another fight with that woman. Same result, but another good fight. Interesting development with the teleportation though...could probably guess what will come of this. Are we going to Alexandria, by chance? I noticed that Garnet had all those summons, makes sense now. It did seem a bit OP!

I've noticed a theme in this update, we've seen the return of not two or three, but four characters from earlier in the game at once! We should hold a reunion party but not so fast because Beatrix hits like a truck. No suprise but we didn't stand a chance to her...again, and she ran away while leaving us in total shame....again.

Anyway Odin rocked up and caused a heap of uh ohs. Think this is a good place to stop on this ship before things progress any further, so hopefully we will see more tomorrow!

Odin was quite serious indeed. I've always wondered why Garnet had all those summons unlocked but never the amount of MP to use them, well now we know. Foreshadowing! Bit of a doozy this one though, I sense that we'll get to know Odin pretty well in the near future.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.