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For me personally:

1) MGS4
2) Peace Walker
3) MGS3
4) MGS2
5) Portable Ops
6) MGS2

I'm not going to rate GZ, and if I was speaking objectively from a pure gameplay perspective it would be Peace Walker as #1. Otherwise for me MGS4 is my MVP. Just so damn good....

Prediction for console Lifetime sales:

Wii:100-120 million, PS3:80-110 million, 360:70-100 million

[Prediction Made 11/5/2009]

3DS: 65m, PSV: 22m, Wii U: 18-22m, PS4: 80-120m, X1: 35-55m

I gauruntee the PS5 comes out after only 5-6 years after the launch of the PS4.

[Prediction Made 6/18/2014]