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After a minor detour back to the Chocobo Forest, we were on our way to Cleyra. But, I mean, come on Chocobo Hot & Cold. Why is it "Select: Start" anyway, that makes no sense. And it took me forever to realize exactly what was happening in the game. So, there's only one item at a time on the map right? It would have been nice if that was made clear because I never went back to an area I'd already been to, naturally. Which really hurt performance.

Kweh. Kweh. Kweh. Kweh. Kweh. Kweh. Kweh. Kweh?!

Anyway got into the groove of that a little and lost about 40 minutes to it. Not worth it, but ah well. It was fun for a while. I think? Maybe I was brainwashed. Maybe I could Kweh less.


Cleyra is an odd odd place isn't it? Big tree surrounded by a tornado. Here comes the obligatory "Sand Puzzle" dungeon I suppose, and the obligatory annoying Sand enemy. Yes, here's the winner of that award, the Sand Golem! Punishing counter and is down for only a few seconds, so someone will be punished hard. Runner up is the big bird which swallows enemies (and like this bird I always swallow), dunno if it would cause a Game Over but it might, so it was scary having just Freya left at the end.

Well it certainly seems like a safe place, with the legions of Sand Golems and all. I think all my encounters except one were Sand Golems, but I've gotten into a rhythm of fighting them so they're not that bad anymore but as you said, one wrong step and you get hit by a truck. I haven't had too much trouble with the "Zuu"s, kind of a strange enemy but I managed to kill them before they caused any damage. Although I had a bit of a scare when it died in one hit and turned grey for some reason. I thought Zidane was petrified but he was fine and I have ton of Softs in case that does happen at some point.

Past the Moogle, play around with the sand pools, couldn't get the chest but at this point I was getting a bit tired of the Golems, to be honest. Should have spent less time on the Chocobo I think, ah well. Just a little run across the tree bank and up the ladder and we're there, at last! The journey was not arduous, but please don't make me do it again.

I spent way too much time in the cave room and the rooms to the left of there. I was trying out some new equips and replacing the old and changing my abilities, running back and forth when I changed the sand, definitely way too much time spent in those rooms. Glad that it was near the end because I would have went mad if I had to spend another minute longer there.

Cleyra itself is an odd town too. The King is alive! We all knew that anyway, surely...but nice to get the confirmation. Had a little tour of the city (because in the middle of a refugee crisis we really need to waste resources on a tour guide, right?) and it looks nice, Freya's gone to do girl stuff so it's just up to me to buy everything for everyone with my new found wealth and be ready for when we come together again. Poor Vivi

Innto the rest area now, and here's the next Moogle. I'll park my rear here for now and come back to explore the canopy a little later. It might have been a long and arduous journey to get here, but I'm glad we did it. View is good! So it will be interesting to see what comes next.

For a place in the middle of a sand tornado (or I suppose a sandstorm) it's rather pleasant. Although I wouldn't exactly call it "lively". They definitely have the audacity to have a tour guide here, I mean what regular traveler is going to get past the mess of enemies downstairs? If their intent is isolation from the rest of the world then the last thing they need to invest in is tourism. But maybe it was a thing for the refugees, who knows. But it's nice to be at the break, from all those sand golems and Kwehs I feel like I could use some rest myself.

Also as a side note, at the beginning of this update I went back to the Lindblum gate but there was no way to get back because the trolleys were not running, so it doesn't seem like we'll get to know the city's opinion on the attack on Burmecia just yet.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.