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This will probably be the last update for a few days...ah well. Damn you real life! I do hope that some people are getting some enjoyment out of reading these as well, and that it isn't all for naught.


Passing through the gate I entered the Treno countryside. Bit of an odd place, not sure why it's always night near the city but I suppose we'll find out that mystery later. I found the cave we discussed that you talked about in the last update and fought those awful plant monsters. I was happy that I grinded earlier or else I would've been toast.

So, Treno. What an...interesting location. Definitely not what I was expecting from it given what everyone was saying about it. It has that very grimey vibe to it, something unsettling about being here. Oh, wait, I've already been mugged. Great start. 

I do love Steiner's running animation so I'm glad we get to see more of it. Just like more of this city, which I'm enjoying. Music is pretty great (when isn't it?) and there's a lot to do. Couple of card games down (wins, ofcourse), opened all of the chests and paid far too much money to a water fountain for a Phoenix Pinion, but there's life and character. That's good to see. 


Best to meet up with Garnet. The auction is mighty expensive...but everything seems to be reasonably unique. Got me a Mini-Cid action figure and a few more accessories, then spent the rest of the money on improving equipment for everyone. It's a bit of a gamble synthing and it would be nice to see what abilities you get from it as well, but I understand why that isn't an option. The little stat can be misleading, though. A comparison would be nice!

I really like Treno it has a nice atmosphere. But there's a great contrast between the two sides of the town, that which I did not expect. Ran around for a bit and got some new gear for this party and the others (looking forward to trying out those elemental staffs) and synthing some old gear. There's a lot of stuff to do in this town (the queen has this weird obession with these coins, I gave her one and got some Gil for it). The auction was way too expensive, there were some interesting items but I'll have to come back later, there was also a rather dubious character there....

Will give this monster a try...wait...nope, no good. Should have known that. Let's just head over to the bar, the docks, and get this thievery under way. One creepy ominous Canary cutscene later and we're at our destination. What awaits us down here? Yes Garnet, what in the world ARE you doing? Oh wait that was Steiner, nevermind. Is this Garnet growing a conscience though? Character development!

Oh you tried the monster too? I thought he would be no match for Steiner but it turned out to be quite the opposite, it was rather embarrassing and the shop keeper was taking the piss. At this point I was starting to get a rather uneasy feeling, we all know what was going to happen but I just didn't want it to. Garnets starting to get it though but Steiner has much to learn still, although perhaps he's more than just a rusty bucket.

Doctor Tot looks like a barrel of laughs (really digging this character design BTW, after the blandness of FFVIII). No master thief is I, no sir. I'm a Princess, I wouldn't stoop to such levels! And one quick trip up a tower later and the Supersoft is mine! That was easy...too easy. But I've gotta say, I'm liking Doctor Tot a lot, particularly now with these flashbacks. Seems like a genuinely nice guy, which never goes well in JRPG's.

Oh Doctor Tot, he's great! Charming fellow and I feel we're going to see more of him, but your last line worries me, say it ain't so Coney!

Onto Gargan Roo, then. To the castle! What an...interesting transportation system. These emenies really donate the EXP though, so might be worth grinding here a little. Nah, no point getting overlevelled, I think. Killed the boss, not too much difficulty (yeah run away you coward!) and the predictable happened. I could almost write this script.

I was wonder how they managed to keep this place so nice with all the monsters everywhere and then it hit me. This place is just weird. Maybe Doctor Tot isn't that nice after all, I mean where did he get that "thing" and why? Well anyways the boss wasn't a big deal, managed to get some gear off of him and get Steiner to beat him up while Garnet hopeless tried to Scan him.

I'm beginning to think there's more to Doctor Tot than we know right now. Like, he was kicked out of Alexandria for whatever reason and he is helping you out for no reason, he was being hounded by the shopkeeper and there's Gargan Roo which is pretty creepy. There's more to him than we know, I'm sure of it. Sorry Blue!

It's all a bit dark I think but there's just something uneasy about him (mostly the "thing" I think and the fact that his name is the German word for "dead"). But maybe he's a really nice guy and he's misunderstood? At this point it's too hard to tell what Doctor Tot's true intentions are.

Back over to Zidane's crew now. Time to leave Burmecia...but now seems as good a time as any to hit up a Moogle and save. After a quick re-shuffling of items and abilities ofcourse! Dunno why the dagger is better than the Ogre, but it has the extra ablility going for it so, yeah. Don't think it'll be massively long until everyone gets back together yet either. Which is good, you need a catch up from time to time! But, until we meet again FFIX.

Looks like we stopped at about the same point! I got some extra gear for Zidane too (need to hit up the grinding again for some abilities). In the meantime I should probably check out that Chocobo Forest that I missed and hopefully get some abilities for Quina too. For a total JRPG newbie I think I am finally starting to get the hang of this game. Hopefully next update we can tie up some loose ends!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.