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endy.G said:

PS4 will be up YoY, too but they won't eat XB1 sales away. At least not like you expect.

And the XB1 game lineup for 2016 is even bigger than 2015
Gears4, Crackdown3, Scalebound, Sea of Thiefs, QuantumBreak, HaloWars 2, Forza Horizon 2 , Recore + possible unanounced games
vs. Halo5, Forza6, TombRaider, Gears Remaster, Rare Replay, Fable

Forza Horizon 2 re-releases in 2016???? There's a remastered version already

Anyway Forza Horizon 3 gets release in 2016 but it's clear some are underestimating some of the sales of those games.

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