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Roronaa_chan said:
Why would XB1 be up YOY in 2016? Maybe it'll be in the first few months but then it won't keep up.

Sales momentum from its biggest holiday lineup thus far. The effect of Halo, Starwars and Fallout hardware boost won't dissapear overnight. Followed by a potentially superior 2016 line up, for Q1/spring at least. Will have to see what becomes of the rest of 2016. And the likely hood of another permanent price cut, new SKU, potentially next gen exclusive COD...

Theres a lot of reasons why it would be up YOY in 2016, its not garunteed but I see it as likely. I don't see why 2015 should be be its peak when the 1st half of year only had 2 big systems sellers (Batman, Witcher... arguably battlefield) and the system is still above $299.

Halo 5 is of course massive but a cheaper Xbox with a halo with a massive library of games will likely have a bigger holiday. I don't believe 360 peaked when Halo 3 was released.