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tokilamockingbrd said:
NewGuy said:
What was the PS4 - XBone gap going into last November? I think it's at ~810K now.

I want to say it peak at a little over 1 million. So essentially at the end of September 2015 we will be pretty close to where we were end of Sep 2014,. PS4 still no price drop.


ZhugeEX said:
JRPGfan said:
About a 30,000 sales differnces only between Xbox One and PS4.
Gap between the PS4 and Xbox One, is around 820,000.

The gap is ~800k


Not that it matters too much. 

I know you're apparently the numbers guy, so is the above gap correct? Seems right. If so, I think the gap this year will be a tad smaller going into November.

However, I think Sony will be more aggressive. I see no price cuts this holiday, but I do see Black Friday promotions, with bundled games and temp price cuts. Sony won't do a price cut for 6-8 weeks like MS did last holiday, maybe one for BF/Cyber Monday weekend and one for Xmas week.