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Did you check the OP again? There's plenty of new stuff there!



So our time with Garnet and Steiner was brief, but yes they do still exist. Time to move onto Burmecia, but not before exploring this desert area. Anything with a big sand tornado in has to be bad news if you ask me. Still, nothing here but a few enemies to level up but it doesn't hurt to explore ¬_¬

I was expecting a little bit more from Garnet and Steiner but the whole scene was more or less a playable Active Time Event, at least they seem to be doing okay. Hey I did explore, after some “encouragement”, but after seeing those massive footprints in the north I decided to head back to the safety of the sand tornado and then back to Burmecia.

Burmecia looks like nothing I expected it to. It's also a bit like London with the rain, but it's clear something major has gone down here. Freya acting rather coy, playing it cool. Oh great enemies are here as well and I was expecting an inn. No matter, game has got a bit easier now so that's OK. Gamee has suddenly got a lot more depressing though.

A bit explore of this area is in order. To the left, not a lot. To the right, not much either. Nice to see Mimics back and man am I digging this soundtrack now. It looks like this building is one of those old timey area puzzles, which take like 4mg of brain power to tackle. Still it breaks it up and that's a good thing and it did make me lose a chest by the floor collapsing, so I feel like a bit of a muppet for that. Also the AI must hate fun by continuously Magic Hammering Vivi. I get he's a bit crap right now but still. Give the guy a chance!

I think I expected there to be more Black Mages here or some form of army. Or I guess it was more like a carpet bombing by those mages, in any case they messed that place up good. It's not too bad though, all the enemies so far are manageable but those Mimics are annoying. Brings back nightmares of Dark Souls.

This game is no Professor Layton that's for sure (okay last reference, I promise). I thought that that chest was missable by default and then you find another path to get to it, or maybe I'm just crazy. I don't know. The worst enemies are those lizard creatures, they keep wanting to petrify poor Vivi (and only him), starting to hope things get better for him and soon, it's rather depressing.

Got the bell (what is the obsession with bells?), opened the door and more Black Mages stuff. Who are these mages? What do they want? I can only begin to guess it's not gonna be good...nor will be what is at the top of this staircase. Heal up guys! And if anyone can explain what these...things...are (what Freya is) please do. I haven't a clue. 


The bells are odd, not sure whats up with them. They aren't very practical, why would you ever want a one-use key? They also seem to be pretty easy to find too so I don't understand the purpose, my only explanation is: video games.

Hmm, maybe not but I'm definitely intrigued by this area. Seems like a good place to stop though as that thing in the background looks super scary so will hit it off with the Moogle and call it there (and take Stilkskin's stuff from him, that was daylight robbery). Looking forward to tomorrow so we can see a bit more about it!

I was definitely getting a pretty spooky vibe in that area. I almost fear that we're too late... I stopped without taking a look at the Moogle's wares but I definitely want to pick up some gear for Vivi and Freya the next time we play.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.