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RolStoppable said:
gergroy said:

Lol, yeah I know, it is pretty awful.  However, the Jets and the Dolphins had a pretty spectacular free agency period and the patriots had a pretty terrible one (not to mention they will be minus Brady for four games).  So I had a really hard time with that division in particular...

in the end I went with the jets because I think their new head coach is going to have a huge impact and if there is a defense that will be better than my Seahawks, it will be the jets.  

Do the Jets have a good QB now? Otherwise they are pretty much in the same boat as the Bills who also have a good defense, but an unproductive offense. Defense alone doesn't win division titles. It's hard to take the Dolphins seriously because for every step forward they have also taken one backwards; inconsistent for years, always end up around 8-8.

The Patriots' first four games are against the Steelers, Bills, Jaguars and Cowboys. If they go 2-2 over that stretch, Brady can still get the team to 14 wins for the season. And didn't the Patriots go 11-5 in a season when Brady was out due to an injury? I wouldn't get my hopes up that a Belicheck team implodes because one or the other player isn't available for a few games.

Nobody likes the Jets, except Kevin James. And King of Queens was a really awful sitcom. Shame on you, gergroy.

Geno has had some good reports this offseason, but even if he doesn't work out, they have Fitzpatrick who is at least serviceable....  Patriots also lost two of their biggest secondary pieces and didn't try to replace them at all... They lost a lot of players, it isn't just Brady being gone for four games that I think the Patriots will be down this year...


like I said, that division is tough as I see pretty much every team being equal this year unlike last year.  I can literally see a scenario where every team can come out on top or every team can finish at the bottom.  It will be a very rough division this year...