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gergroy said:

 Ok, I guess I will do the bracket again, but I am out as far as the league.  Also, how does the number 1 draft pick work?  

- #1 #2 #3 #4
AFC East Jets Dolphins Patriots Bills



Welp, best of luck there, I guess.

Anyway we're close enough to the season for me to throw my utterly legit picks out there.

- #1 #2 #3 #4
AFC East Patriots Bills Dolphins Jets
AFC North Ravens Steelers Bengals Browns
AFC South Colts Texans Titans Jaguars
AFC West Broncos Chargers Chiefs Raiders
NFC East Cowboys Giants Eagles Redskins
NFC North Packers Vikings Lions Bears
NFC South Saints Panthers Falcons Bucs
NFC West Seahawks Cardinals Rams 49ers
#1 Draft Pick Jets - - -
AFC Playoffs #1-4 Colts Patriots Ravens Broncos
AFC Playoffs #5-6 Steelers Bills - -
NFC Playoffs #1-4 Packers Seahawks Cowboys Saints
NFC Playoffs #5-6 Cardinals Giants - -
AFC Divisional Colts  Patriots  Ravens  Steelers 
NFC Divisional  Packers Seahawks  Saints   Giants
AFC Championship Colts Patriots - -
NFC Championship Packers Seahawks - -
Super Bowl Teams Packers Patriots - -
Super Bowl Winner Packers -