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God of War 3 is what I consider a low point in this game of remastering. They should have at least done a collection of the main three games. That would have been fine for $40. Still a little expensive considering you can get five GoW games on PS3 for about $20, but if they actually touched them up to the point where they took a dump all over the PS3 versions, that would be okay.

Otherwise I'm fine with remastering. I've only bought two remasters on my PS4 so far: TLOU because it came with my PS4, and The Handsome Collection because it was a better deal than buying Borderlands 2 GOTY and the Pre-Sequel separately on last gen hardware. I'm satisfied with both, just as I was satisfied with remastered PS2 games last generation and still satisfied having many of them on my Vita.

As for "remakes > remasters" - Holy mother of duh. Of course everybody would love to see good games remade in high quality and made even better, especially if they were made during a generation where their mechanics wouldn't need to be altered. The thing is, remasters can be outsourced so that development of new first and third party content is not impacted, whereas a remake is going to be handled by the studio that made the original game, meaning at best, development of new IP and quality sequels slows down, and at worst totally halts until the remake is complete. Sure, an FFVII remake is coming, but I would have loved to see that development time go towards something new and better.