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Boutros said:

That's pretty much expected. And they already recouped a lot of that with Ground Zeroes so it's pretty much certain to make a profit which makes you wonder what was really going on at Konami. Because there shouldn't be a problem if in the end it's profitable. Also for all we know it includes the development of the Fox Engine which is also used for PES.

PES wasn't exactly a killer seller though. This is not an Unreal engine we are talking about here where every developer and their dog are throwing money at Konami to use their engine, $80 million dollars is INSANE for a video game no matter how you slice it, especially a Japanese video game where they tend to be more conservative. GTAV cost something like $265 million but has sold something like 50 million copies across 5 platforms and was a staggered, cross generation release. Then you factor in the PC version. Rockstar essentially(and knowingly) double(triple)-dipped, much like studios putting out 'directors cuts' of DVDs/Blu-Rays 6-12 months after a standard release. MGSV, not matter how good it is, won't sell half that amount. It just does not have that universal appeal to gamers and casuals.

PS3/360 software sales are fleeting. MGSV will sell respectably enough on X1 whilst the PC version will probably be pirated by a significant amount of users. The PS4 is where most of its sales will come from but I think Konami won't like having to try and sell 10 million units just to see a decent return. $80 million dollars is far too much of a risk to justify just a decent return... My opinion anyway. Im sure the game will rock. Day one for me whatever happens.