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starcraft said:
bananaking21 said:
while 80 million certainly is A LOT. MGSV will make those back in just a few hours of sales and will easily be profitable day one.

Optimistically assuming that Konami is going to get $30 per copy sold (early on at least) you're looking at a requirement to sell nearly 3 million copies to make a single dollar off the game (2.66 million at that revenue-per-game).

Then there is the marketing budget, which itself could easily be a few tens of millions of dollers. Meaning it will have to sell maybe 4.5- 5 million copies at full price prior to making a dollar's profit (letalone be a good investment return on upwards of $100 million).

It may well make a profit. It may well make a profit sufficient to call it 'worth it.'

It is unlikely to make a profit day one.

Konami will get more than 30 per sale. And especially digital sales they get a very large percentage.

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