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So after my most recent ban, the mods say I have one more chance. Since I know for a fact I won't be able to last more than a few weeks before I slip up, I pretty much only have one option, leave vghcartz. Now before anyone gets their hopes up, I won't be leaving forever, so too bad to the crowd that hoped for that (also with the amount of bets I did, I couldn't leave forever regardless). And, I will also be here for the Windows 10 launch, and will do my monthly NPD thread. But excluding that, you won't see my active around here for a long time. Well since I'm about to leave, let me at least tell you about my vgchartz "life" story.

So I joined back in September 2014, pretty much for whatever reason. I knew this site for a long time before, but I really didn't have an interest in joining. When I did, I spent a few months finding my place, and I eventually did, as toastboy 2.0 (at least according to some sources). Now I would say I wasn't as delusional and faithfull to xbox compared to toastboy, but whatever it'll do. From there, people began to know me left and right, but not as a good figure. I can't count how many times I went guns blazing into flame wars, and ended up into ban-land.

But for the most part, everything was ok till around E3. When that point hit, all hell broke loose on this site. Chart numbers weren't coming, and people needed something to entertain them (e.g fanboy wars). So this became a problem for me, as I always couldn't resist going into them, and these lead to bans. Also around the E3 time, alot of xbox fans were either banned, or left the site and ended up permabanned. So it wasn't a good sign for me, and well it really wasn't. So know I have my last chance, and I don't want to blow it. So its time to wave the white flag, I surrender. Hopefully things change around here, but until they don't, I'm pretty much not welcome here.

Now I will miss the following people (blame me for spelling error's, as I didn't bother searching usernames up): Captain-Yuri (#candamasterrace), Rol-Stoppable (I'm going to copy your trend of changing avatars of the same character some day, so don't bother trying to prevent theinevitable ) Dr. Vita (nice, straight forward, a PS fanboy but an honest one too), Mr. Playstation (just like Dr. Vita), Conegamer (probably one of three mods I could list) and Ka-pi96 (your active, popular, much better than I could bother to be). Now for the people I won't miss: Etho... no no no, lets move on from that list. Anyway sorry for any missing names here, but I can't list them all. I hope I can return one day, but like I said I have my doubts. Anyway what else can I write here.... nothing. So its time to close this chapter, and wave goodbye.

Edit: I forgot to add my lies, here they are: I am actually an avid PS fan.. yeah no that's a horrible lie, so I'm not bothering into going in that. I did lie about being hacked (I think everyone knew that, but I needed to damage control). I had slept less than 3 hours the night before, and I was dehydrated like hell. It was a pretty horrible day, and I couldn't think straight. The next night of sleep was the best of my life. But it make me act totally insane on the site, and I didn't know what I was doing. Needless to say, thank god it hasn't happened since. I can't think of another big lie on the site, so that's about it.



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