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BraLoD said:
There are some really good points in the video, but it needs more feelings and less action in sone parts.
The music does fit the game and I like how you tried to sync it with the footage.

I would show the flowers turning red right after Big Boss shot The Boss in the end, the silent in the music and the ending footage really fit well, but that has to happen after the shot, not before.

Well, I liked your video, kudos.

Yeah I ran into a few problems. I want to add more vocals parts, especially Eva's speech at the end about why the Boss did what she did but most of the really emotional parts already had a music overlaying it that would clash with my music track. I wanted the last part to be all about the the flower field and the events leading up (and after) to Boss's death and the final sound to be the gun shot. That meant important events that happened after (field turning red, snake standing over her body, saluting grave) had to be added before. But I think that it is cool to hope back and forth events (and time) before ending on why those events happened.

But yeah a lot of the emotional connection is lost without the vocals. I just couldn't get them without the MGS music in the background. Tried a few techniques to cut out the music but didn't work