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numberwang said:

NX-handheld with 720p up and 480p down screen (no 3D anymore). Similar to WiiU in power when plugged in the docking station, lower on battery power. 199$, maybe less.

NX-console is a docking station for NX-handheld with power, HDMI out, USB and SD-card for external storage and bluetooth for external controller. 49,99$.

All games in one "hybrid" platform. That's the gimmick.

WiiU will continue as the option for disc based content. All popular WiiU games are available on lauch for NX.


No powerful home-console until PS5 and XB2, maybe never.

I could see that happening. The only issue is with the public statements NIntendo has made to shareholders where they actually spoke about brothers as part of an ecosystem in a family of hardware. There have only been rumors regarding the fusion concept or some type of hybrid console where as we many public statements referring to a console or the NX as a console exist. Your idea, while good, is really speculation where as what I have stated where you have 2 platforms, but they are not necessarily identical but still similar seems to fit in with actual public statements. This can also be backed up with actions when you consider how similar the wii u and 3ds are, their experimentation with crossbuy, and even buying one game that interacts with the other piece of hardware such as Mario Tipping Stars.