ethomaz said:
Just to saying the PS4 boost could not be about the new model but instead a sales of the old models before the new model arrives.

Nobody knows for sure.

E3 hype + new midel + some little games ( DMC 4 ; FF XIV ) .By the next week the PS4 sales will dropped. Not under 10k like some people think.

~12k or so.

Then, by August PS4 will be at >15k the first two weeks because the holidays, and then again 12k, maybe ~10k because Metal Gear limited the first week of Septeber.


Also, the Wii U is still very good. I believe will dropped under 10k just one week before the august boost.

2020 predictions: NSW 25m, PS5 6m, XSX 4.5m, PS4 9m, XB1 3m

In December 2019 i predicted 21m Switch, but that was before COVID, obvius increased my predictions.