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Soundwave said:
zorg1000 said:

I understand the concern but at the same time, what's the point of having a vastly more powerful console variant when all or most games are going to be shared and not likely take advantage of the extra horsepower?

I'm starting to think it may just be one SKU, a portable type device that can wirelessly transmit a signal to the TV and maybe even things like your tablet (using a sync app). That and it ships with a controller/input gimmick. If it gets really popular, then Nintendo may make other SKUs.  At home it can be used like a party game device, and you can also pick it up and take it outside of the house and play on the go. 

To be honest too even if the console was "cheap" by our metric $200 isn't really cheap just to play the same games on your TV if you have the portable version already (which is likely to be far and away the majority of NX owners in a multi SKU scenario). 

That's actually fairly expensive just to play the same games in a different way. 

Perhaps they have a separate handheld and console each retailing for about $150-200 but they also have a $40 Chromecast/Fire Stick type of device that let's u stream the handheld to the TV. There should still be a TV only alternative for people who don't care for handhelds.

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