heavenharp said:
setsunatenshi said:

Seriously stop using the word bribery, it clearly does not mean what you think it means.

Nintendo keeps putting out exotic hardware and expecting publishers to magically support it with no incentives or prespective of turning a profit. You bringing thr ps3 example only helps to further my point, Sony had very rough first few years due exactly to being an exotic machine to code for. That's why the 360 managed to put the breaks on the massive playstation domination of the previous 2 generations. Sony did have a few things going for the ps3 though, the machine was arguably the most powerful console, they have a hugely diverse audience since the ps1 days in which many of the playstation ecosystem symbols were actually 3rd party games (metal gear, final fantasy, etc). They also have many 1st and 2nd party teams constantly bringing new games each generation for a mostly teen to adult demographic (the ones with disposable income).

Lastly, both Sony and Microsoft decided for a long time to market their consoles as gaming powerhouses instead of the Nintendo approach to market theirs as a toy. This again contributes to the PG, vanilla image they carry today that appeals to a smaller and smaller market. The current situation of the wii u nowadays is the result of all this, it should be a surprise to no one the way things turned out.

just give up, I'm right and you're wrong.

Clearly you presented the most thoughtful and persuasive argument for your points, how silly of me not to notice it :)