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Is it going to compete with the PS4 at anything at all?

It's likely portable centric so probably not. That said I wouldn't mind a portable on par with the Wii U that also plays games on the TV. 

I think it will be more powerful than Wii U, stronger CPU, more RAM, beter GPU.

Considering that the Wii U's CPU is a tricore 750cxe (G3 for mac users), and the GPU is equivalent to a Radeon HD4870, it's definitely possible. I was just looking at the specs of the Cortex A72, The Core M based Macbook has benchmarked about the same as a 2011 Macbook Air meaning that the processor is probably within the range of a 2010/2011 Core 2 Duo. The A72 is slightly weaker, in regards to total performance, but that places it around a 2008/2009 Core 2 Duo. However, it's worth noting that the comparison is core vs core, and ARM has no problem stacking 8 or more cores on a single chip.

With that said, if Nintendo were to use two, octa-core Coretx A72s in their next handheld, with at least 2GB of DDR4L ram, and a GPU equivalent to the Radeon r7 250, which isn't all that much weaker than what's in the PS4 and Xbox One, with 1 to 2 GB of GDDR5. This, paired with a 720p, 5" ips display would easily create a handheld comparable to the current consoles. The power draw would be fairly minimal, resulting in a battery life of around 4 to 5 hours, and it'd be able to easily 'match' the NX console version. 

I dont think its just traditional handheld, more like hybrid, some sort of handheld that plays games on TV too.

I say better AMD or ARM cpu (much more user friendly than PPC), around 4GB of Ram and slightly bitter and modern GPU, that would make big difference vs Wii U hardware and enough power for 1080p Nintendo games (Nintendo already on Wii U have Zelda WW HD and Smash Bros. in 1080p) and at least 720p for curent third party games.

Well, if Nintendo wanted to throw a curve ball, they could reach out to AMD to develop a custom, ARM based processed based on the ARM based Opterons coming out. From what I understand, they're based on the A57 (currently) and highly efficient. Also, RAM prices seem steady and ARM processors are cheap... not to mention the hybrid option gives them a lot of possibilities- ie, set amount of power in the handheld, with the base having it's own, equivalent power that then combine when the handheld is docked with the base. Also, with AMD graphics, they could use Crossfire in that scenario, and the combined power could be used to provide higher resolutions and higher graphical detail. 

I thought at one piece of hardware that is a handheld and a home console at the same time.


Also, we have this AMD statement from 6 months ago, I dont idea what exactly would be.

We would have at least one to two semi-custom design wins and I’m pleased to report that we have those design wins, the work to design the products that has already started, the contract assigned and those parts get introduced in 2016.

We didn’t say at which space it is in. I’m not going to give too much detail. I’ll say that one is x86 and one is ARM, and atleast one will be on gaming, right. But that’s about as much as you going to get out me today, because the customers from the standpoint to be fair to them. It is their product. They launch it. They announce it and then just like the game console or the parts you find out that its AMD’s APU that’s been used in those products.

Just have to wait and see- what Nintendo does with their next move will be crucial, because they cannot afford another Wii U. Even with the 3DS doing well, it wasn't doing well enough to keep the company afloat like the Gameboys did when Nintendo found itself having some trouble with the N64 and Gamecube- which were still seeing some success compared to the Wii U... 

Now if NX does fail, I foresee them walking down the same path as Sony- they'll release their games on other consoles, and the quality will just go into decline while other series, that they publish rise to fame- ie think Yakuza. 

What ever NX is it will sell better than WIi U, Nintendo with Wii U made too many mistakes I think they can't repeat that at all.