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MakeAccountLater said:
amp316 said:
This is pretty well done, MakeAccountLater.

I, for one, hope that Nintendo are making more games for the Wii U and not already calling it a day. Also, I hope that they learned that with solid advertising that a new IP, like Splatoon, can have strong sales.

Thanks a lot!

I hear you. I think that they were themselves probably surprised by Splatoon's enormous success. Indeed, the power of advertising, but I think word of mouth is proving to be important on this one as well. It really is a fun game, and I've been telling my friends how fun it is. Something which I didn't even bother to do with Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2 (which are awesome games, nontheless).

I love Bayonetta 2.  Much better than Hyrule Warrioes.  It's a shame that Hyrule Warriors smashed it in sales since it takes place in the Zelda universe.

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