thx1139 said:
AnthonyW86 said:

So if Sony hade revealed a PS4 in the form of a handheld at $200 and gave every PS4 owners 5 free games they would not have won E3 if those things happened in 2016? Also gamewise Hololens reminds me of Kinect, a lot of big promises but in the end it didn't add anything to gaming. In that regard VR is more promising, something Sony hade at their conference but chose to let people try out for themselves on the showfloor instead of dwelling on it to much. That cool Hololens Minecraft demo? Yep nobody could try that out for themselves, all their was on the showfloor was a stage were you got to see arrows pop up and a table with a 3D master chief. Again cool tech, but not interesting for gaming at all.

OK lets not be nuts of course had Sony done those thing it would be a different story.  You went to a ridiculous extreme. Now as for Hololens you forgot something.   That something is the words "In My Opinion". As for me I am not that interested in VR/AR tech for gaming much at all, but again for others it is different. In general though I am much more interested in AR technology then VR technology. Hololens is definitely more general purpose and that is much more appealing to me.  Even without Hololens MS won E3 in my opinion. Lots of things for 2015 and lots of things for 2016.  Sony to me was a couple things for 2015 a few things for 2016 and a good deal of things for 2017. Let MS talk about 2017 a lot closer to 2017 thank you very much.

Well i agree i prefer things to get released earlier to but these days it seems like almost all games get some sort of delay so i personally don't pay to much attention to release dates. Also for most people it's all about new announcements and surprises, and MS really didn't have many. The Rare collection is cool and i hope it sells well, but those are older games. Only notable thing new was Rare's upcoming game, but that didn't really scream megaton either. So all that's left than is Gears 4. Sony hade some huge surprises obviously, and any one of them was probably bigger than anything MS hade. Also Horizon: Zero Dawn looks amazing, though we have to see if the game ends up being good(The Order looked amazing to).

Opinions will always differ offcourse, but the argumentation that was used in the review just didn't make sense. Everyone has a personal preference but if you are reviewing something you have to stay neutral.