thx1139 said:
AnthonyW86 said:

Because for a lot of people it will spare them the time watching this by simply knowing that detail.

Also the main reason he gave MS the higher score was because Xbox One has the better line up for 2015. I completely agree with that fact, but we already knew that before E3 and that's not what an E3 conference is about. If this review was about what system hade the better games for 2015 then fine, but this is about the E3 events. And like i said he also hypes up Hololens(wich isn't exciting for gamers so far at all).

To sum it up he literally substracting a point off Sony's score because they spend some time on their Disney deal.

Again your opinion. To others E3 is all about this year. To others it is all about the future. To some like me it is all about a balance.  So I would 100% agree that MS won this E3, but that is just me.  As for Hololens what they showed of Minecraft excited a lot of people. Just saying. 

So if Sony hade revealed a PS4 in the form of a handheld at $200 and gave every PS4 owners 5 free games they would not have won E3 if those things happened in 2016? Also gamewise Hololens reminds me of Kinect, a lot of big promises but in the end it didn't add anything to gaming. In that regard VR is more promising, something Sony hade at their conference but chose to let people try out for themselves on the showfloor instead of dwelling on it to much. That cool Hololens Minecraft demo? Yep nobody could try that out for themselves, all their was on the showfloor was a stage were you got to see arrows pop up and a table with a 3D master chief. Again cool tech, but not interesting for gaming at all.