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It's pretty much set in stone the the WII U will be Nintendo's worst selling console but I thought it would be interesting to notice that every single console released after the Nes ( apart from the WII ) were at one point considered to be Nintendo's worst selling platform only to be outdone by the next Nintendo Home Console. Let's look at the facts:


Nes: 61.91 Million 

SNES: 49.10 Million ( - 12.81 Million )

N64: 32.93 Million ( -16.17 Million )

GameCube: 21.74 Million ( -11.91 Million )

WII: 101.52 Million ( +79.79 Million )

WII U: 9.54 Million ( -91.98 Million )


Hence if we had to plot all of these values in a bar chart ( as seen below ), we can see that ever since Nintendo entered the console business their sales have been going down in an almost perfect like Slop with the only exception being the exceptional console that is the WII.


So could this possibly mean that the NX ( If it's a home console ) has a chance to actually sell less than the WII U?

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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