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Pretty cool thread, Had a bit of a turn about from being super unhealthy for a couple of years in the last year or so had to put a stop to it, Type 1 Diabetic tho so each increase in activity or reduction of diet has to be done with careful adjustments to insulin taken.

Since end of summer last year tho I've gone from being around 37bmi down to a now (overweight) 29.5 but yeah I'm happy to be out of the Obese category and heading down all the time, I find that just a gradual drop has worked great for me tho in comparison to all the crazy diet ideas I've read about which seem to end up with people gaining weight at times but yeah... I've another 2.5 stone to lose to get to "Healthy" Bmi so I'm still being a good little diabetic all the time.

Also added other to the poll since Gaming wasn't listed >.> Boo Reimtime!

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