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Set Goals for Yourself, Show Your Results, and Challenge Other Users!

ReimTime: 3 plate bench press, 500lb deadlift and 475lb squat. 

Pietoast: Do pushups and squats during loading screens. (Reim's note: Play Sonic 06 for maximum gains)

PostOfficeBuddy: Long term goal is to run a marathon

Cantaim: Run a half-marathon

Shikamaru: Lose 40 more pounds and put on 20-30 pounds of muscle

Protendo: Increase bicep mass

Iceland: Reach 200 lbs (lose 80-85 lbs in 2016)

BasilZero: Reach 200 lbs 

Mysticwolf: "Do more lifting"

Slade: Get ripped like Noble

Spurge: Get fit like ARnold

Maverick: Improve squat and deadlift

Nymeria: Improve my dead lift, clean, jerk, front squat, back squat, and press weights and just continue healthy life style.

Amp316: I hope to eventually work my way up to 500 of each and 200 pull ups. Basically, I work out like I'm in prison.

Green Sky: Goal for the year is to lose weight, building strength and muscle. 

CheshireCat: Get back to that lifting lifestyle

Slarvax: regain athletic form AKA Super Saiyan mode

Augen: "Get to where I want to be"

Wc4Life: Pistol squat

LipeJJ: "Get healthier and prettier"

Pavolink: Get dat six pack

RCTJunkie: Build some muscle

Mr No: Reach 150 lbs (lose 25lbs)

Noble: Get weight back down to 175lbs

Padib: Run twice a week

#1 Amb-ass-ador