TheFallen said:

Well the two previous new entries in the series. I'm not talking about remake or remasters ala Windwaker. The development time is comparable to a modern day Grand Theft Auto.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to bait fans of the series ( If you've read my posts , you'll see i'm actually a HUGE Fan). I'm waiting for the day Nintendo announces the release date so I can plan my Wii U purchase, just as I purchased a Wii last gen for Zelda only.

 Is it a question of resources Nintendo allocates? Yes, I know they've developed DS and 3DS Zelda games since ( Rockstar made GTA IV plus dlc , Red Dead Redemption AND GTA V in the same time frame between the last Zelda and the next one) I'm obviously not asking for Nintendo to UBISOFT i.e. annualize the series , I would just prefer to have a new main entry ever 3 years , as opposed to 5 years. Can anybody shed some light?

I dont get the point of this post.

Its not like Nintendo plans to launch 2 or more main-line Zelda games on a console. 

They have stated that they will, for the most part, launch one main-line game per console,

whether that is Zelda, Mario, or whatever.  

So you might as well ask the same question for Mario Kart, Smash Bros, etc.