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EricFabian said:
you basically listed all Playstation exclusives since... forever?

Magicka 2 - sequel to PC exclusive game.

Arcania - sequel to 3 PC exclusives; remake of a PS3/360/PC game.

Onechanbara - had entries on PS3/360/Wii last gen.

Risen 3 - original was PC/360; sequel was PS3/360/PC.

Nobunaga's Ambition - has released on pretty much every platform under the sun.

Samurai Warriors - went Nintendo-exclusive for a while (Wii then 3DS)


At least if we're saying things like this, make sure to do a little research.


OT: Everyone else has basically covered it but niche stuff will likely target the best userbase.  Ease of PS4 development compared to PS3 helps.  PS4 has a stronghold in Europe so anything targeting that audience (i.e. ARPG's developed in Europe) will likely go exclusive.  Same with Japanese stuff.