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darklich13 said:
ZenfoldorVGI said:
darklich13 said:
I feel sorry for you. You are missing out on so much great gaming by just sticking with Nintendo. Its too bad really.

I own a PS3. No great gaming is available on that system.


Also, the current DS library is almost better than the PS2 one. Trolling or ignorance. You be the judge.

I own a Wii, a DS and a 360. Once the price comes down for the PS3 I'll get that too. Sticking to one platform is ignorance. Enjoy your filtered life.

Here's the guy who needed what I have to give.


What are you, on hater crack?


I said I own a PS3, DS, and a Wii. I also said the PS3 has nothing great. What's your problem? Why would you assume that I suggest sticking to one platform? Particularly in the exclusive category. I bought it for JRPG's. I have none. I'm not a FPS or Uncharted kinda guy, though I did beat uncharted.


Also, I did at one time own a 360. RRoD'd on me before I sold it, for cheap. I played most of its hayday games, no big reason to own one now though. Enjoy getting milked by Microsoft while you hate on forum goers for no apparent reason, and buy your redundant Playstation 3, which you can use for a backup when your 360 dies, and those 15 days of your life it takes you to complete MGS and Final Fantasy XIII.

I don't need your console war.
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.
You're power hungry, spinnin' stories, and bein' graphics whores.
I don't need your console war.