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tbone51 said:
curl-6 said:

Too optimistic.

If I were you I'd stick to "1m in 2015", especially if you're going to take bets.

Actually have that bet already (my only current bet), Excluding some predictions i made just because it was a possibility, im mostly right or close. Should of seen my thread on SSB4 Selling 10mil+ by end of 2014. Its a Classic :0

I do feel like 1mil is good for the year very confident, as for 1mil from May 30th to June 30th... Yes its optimistic but i do think many people are underestimating it. Its the big 1st half year title, many Nintendo fns will eat this up. MK8 did i think 2.8mil in the same time frame,i think splatoon can do a little more than a third of MK8 with a bigger installment. (7mil vs 9.5mil?)

I wouldn't bet if i were you, because you be losing it XD   "pls understand"

You're asking me if I want to bet on Splatoon not passing 1m by June 30th? Cos I might take that.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.