hunter_alien said:
Mr Puggsly said:
Its a shame that Halo:MCC being a mess at launch has completely overshadowed it becoming arguably the best software on 8th gen consoles.

And the 7th and the 6th...  Lets be honest when it comes down to original content even the Xone has a couple of titles that are way ahead of MCC.

OT: it was expected the itle seemed like an ambitious mess from the beginning. They should have only remastered them separatly and make it avaialble as digital download. Having connectivity issues months after release is not the sign of a AAA franchise. EVen Battlefield 4 and DC got their act together ina  timelier manner :?


Frankly, I dont believe anything offers more entertainment and value than MCC. Which is expected given its a bundle of four great games with multiplayer. Its something I believe will remain fairly popular throughout this console generation.


Its also been working great for several months now but some still its broken. BF4 was handeld by a major studio by the way. MCC was rushed and handled by small 3rd parties.

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