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"OLD Title" Prediction: Fire Emblem IF will Sell (Ship+Digital) Over 600k+ First Week and Do 1mil Lifetime in Japan!

"New Title" BOLD Prediction: Fire Emblem IF will Sell (Ship+Digital) Over 700k+ First Week in Japan! (+1Mil Lifetime)


Yeap, calling it now. This is obviously White Kingdom+Black Kingdom Combined btw.


EDITED: Okay, i'll do an analysis and im slightly changing my prediction! So it is now ???k+ im predicting, yes an optimistic prediction but i think it could happen! Here is the breakdown overall....

(Note: This prediction only works if Special Edition counts as 2 sales as well as Buying DLC as the alternate version is counting as a sale)




♪ 30k: Special Edition (60k In Sales)

☆260k: White Version Retail

★230k: Black Version Retaill 

☆ 70k: White Version Digital

★ 80k: Black Version Digital

★☆★ 700k+ Total ☆★☆




For comparison, Awakening sold 242k FW (shipment was 297k)


Will it happen? Any Chance? THOUGHTS!?