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masschamber said:
noname2200 said:
Parokki said:
Strategyking92 said:


Games by Nintendo are selling the most on the Wii, but I find "Nintendo has put the most effort into their Wii games" a much likelier explanation than "Wii owners don't want to buy anything except Nintendo's first party games".

Remember, there has yet to be a third party game to sell seriously less than expected on the Wii, and the amount of games with a lot of effort behind them is several times larger this year than 2007.

Sadly this is one of the last straws Wii haters have, so we'll be seeing a lot of it in the near future.

True, but you just know that when that hurdle is overcome, the Wii haters will invent another. Tie ratios, anyone? (And boy did that one backfire...) Alternatively, they'll just start repeating them all over and over again, in hopes that repetition will lead to reality. Look at what's been going on this week, for example.

Don't worry once there is nothing left for the wii hating crowd to decry the wii about they'll just make stuff up, or ludicrously misinterpret facts,

or if all that fails they'll just blame wii fit

 The second one is what their going to do. Cause you see the truth is. It's not about bashing the Wii/Wii-owners anymore. It's about being right and the reality is after all the Wii hate they spewed they simply can't admit they are wrong. They have to try an be right. No matter what the cost...even if it means reinventing reality to do it.

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